Vetus Historia

Birthed in the English countryside, jewellery of legend.

A quote from Plato’s treatise on Atlantis, who Solon, one of the wisest men ever to have lived, asked Sonchi, priest of the Egyptian city of Sais, about there understanding of ancient history:

“Whereupon one of the priests, a prodigiously old man, said, 'O Solon, Solon, you Greeks are always children: there is not such a thing as an old Greek.'


And on hearing this he asked, 'What mean you by this saying?'


And the priest replied, 'You are young in soul, every one of you. For therein you possess not a single belief that is ancient and derived from old tradition, nor yet one science that is hoary with age. There have been and there will be many and divers destructions of mankind, of which the greatest are by fire and water, and lesser ones by countless other means, for after the usual interval of years, like a plague, the flood from heaven comes sweeping down afresh upon your people…'”

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