22ct gold vermeil - 

Our jewellery is made from gold vermeil. The term gold vermeil simply means that the jewellery is made from solid sterling silver and a layer of gold is applied to the jewellery. The layer of gold we apply at Anunnaki Jewels is 22ct gold and we ensure our gold vermeil is a minimum of 3 microns in thickness.  

Sterling silver - 

Sterling silver is one of the most widely used precious metals. The term sterling silver is referring to the alloy purity. In order to call something sterling silver, the alloy (or metal mixture) must contain a minimum of 92.5% pure silver which is mixed with 7.5% copper. The reason the silver is mixed with a small amount of copper, is because pure silver is very soft and would be too easy to bend and break. So by adding a tiny amount of copper to the silver when its molten, the silver becomes Sterling silver, which is much stronger for use as jewellery. 


Gold vermeil vs gold plated - 

The simple difference between gold plated jewellery and gold vermeil jewellery is the thickness of gold applied. Gold vermeil has a thicker coating of gold compared to gold plated jewellery. Our gold vermeil has a gold thickness of 3 microns, whereas gold plated jewellery tends to be less than 0.25 microns in thickness. Gold vermeil jewellery also has to be applied to sterling silver in order to be called gold vermeil. 

22ct gold - 

Our gold vermeil is 22ct gold, which has a deep yellow golden colour to it when compared to other gold alloys. 22ct gold is extremely pure, for example, 24ct gold means the metal is 99.9% pure gold, 22ct gold means the metal is 91.6% pure gold and 18ct gold means the metal is 75% pure gold. 

Ethically sourced materials - 

Our gemstones are sourced from reputable suppliers in London's Hatton Garden which they source ethically. 

The precious metals are sourced from refineries within Britain and all our jewellery is designed and manufactured within the UK. 

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