All of our jewellery is produced in 22ct gold Vermeil, pronounced 'ver-may'. To be classed as such, the base of the jewellery must be sterling silver with the thickness of the 22ct gold being a minimum of 2.5 microns. Our thickness, however, will be 3 microns and is plated using a different process called electrolysis, which helps to preserve the longevity of your 22ct gold vermeil jewellery.


Measuring your ring size can seem daunting, but there are easy methods for you to find out your ring size without stress. One way is to ask for your ring size in a jewellers. They will help you to find the most comfortable fit for your finger.


Another method is to purchase a ring gauge from ourselves to accurately measure yourself. Please contact us for more information at 

You could also measure the internal ring diameter of a ring you already own, and that fits your intended finger perfectly. Once you have the internal diameter, you can compare it to a ring size chart. Approximate ring size chart available here: 


Our gemstones are sourced ethically and responsibly from a UK supplier, who have visited the workshops and factories themselves to ensure the people employed there are well and fairly treated for the countries they are based.  

We go direct to our supplier to hand pick the most beautiful semi-precious gemstone for your jewellery. We choose them based on the richness of colour, depth and clarities. On occasion, we may also hand cut our gemstones to fit the uniqueness of our jewellery designs. 


For information on keeping your treasures looking brand new, see our Jewellery Care page.



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