Every day factors, such as daily wear and pollution, has the potential to influence the shine and condition of your jewellery. Taking care of your jewellery will make a huge difference on the longevity of your treasures.

It is also recommended to store your jewellery in a soft pouch over night, remembering to fasten chains on any necklaces to ensure they don't get tangled 

What can damage my jewellery?

Swimming, showering and washing your hands may affect the longevity of your jewellery. It is best to remove your jewellery before doing these activities because chlorine, salt water and fresh water can dull or erode the precious metals and gemstones.  Removing your jewellery before performing sports and sleeping will help to stop the vermeil plating rubbing away more quick. 

The chemicals in lotions, perfumes, nail varnish, sun tan lotion, body oils and hair spray will also affect the condition of your jewellery as it exposes the precious metals to potential damage. Always wait until these chemicals are dry before putting on jewellery. 


We pride ourselves on choosing the best quality semi precious gemstone for our jewellery and we love to incorporate beautiful and natural gemstones in our designs. These too must be looked after carefully. 

Keeping them away from direct sunlight and removing them from whilst sun bathing will help to keep the gemstones away for UV light. Exposure to UV light will dull the gemstones and cause a fade in colour and shine, which is why we recommend not wearing your semi precious jewellery to the beach or in a hot climate. Be careful of any knocks, bumps or drops whilst wearing semi precious gemstones. We recommend removing jewellery whilst exercising, swimming, showering and washing your hands.

Certain gemstones are porous, such as Lapis Lazuli. Liquids and oils can permanently cause damage and discolouration if it manages to seep between the natural cracks and crystals.  

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